Answers to all the Questions that you want to know!!!

Question : What is the Monsters favorite
Annual National Bike Event???

Answer : The Monster enjoys most events but does have a couple of favorites. According to the Monster, Sturgis South Dakota is the best destination, for those looking for great places to ride and explore. With Rushmore, Crazy Horse, the Pig Tails, Custer's Buffalos, and of course the wild activities of Sturgis Main St., the monster believes it is the best overall national Bike Rally. It does take a while to get there and is rather expensive for those in the east, but the Monster still says, "All real riders should experience Sturgis at least once. It's a killer rally and the rally that all 'want to be.'"

Question :  What is the Monsters personal favorite overall rally?

motorcycle event questionsAnswer : The 12 year old Leesburg Bikefest in Leesburg Florida, in April, is one of the fastest growing and most impressive rallies anywhere. The Monster says that this rally is a throw-back to the days when host towns welcomed the biker crowd, and treated them as treasured guests who spend money. Leesburg has done a wonderful job building the event in a way where attendees do not feel like they are getting ripped off. The reason for this is, "they are not getting ripped off, at all", anywhere, in Leesburg. With free top name concerts, fair prices on rooms, food, and beverage, the average motorcycle rally attendee feels like they are being taken care of well, at every corner in Leesburg.

Last year when one of the Monster crew parked in the wrong lot ( drill team pavement) the city of Leesburg did, tow the treasured "Beater Chevy" down the street to another public lot, parked it and let us know where to find our mis-placed Chevrolet. The best part of this story is they didn't make us pay a fine or for the tow bill. Can't you see Daytona or Sturgis moving your car, for free, as a courtesy. Right....and if you believe that could happen, you probably think the beer price is going to be lowered too.

Question :  Where did the Monster get those high heeled shoes?

Answer : The Motorcycle Monsters boots are stock H-D boots that have been taken to the Shoe Guru and had two inches of light weight "build Up stock" added to soles and heels for a 6'7 end result. The sole material is the same used to build up shoes for handicapped folks. The shoes cost about 125.00 and the soles are about 200.00 more to give that "Monster Stature".

Question :  Has the Monster ever had any security problems or injuries?

bike event questionsAnswer : The Monster was mobbed once at Biketoberfest on Main Street by anxious bikers. Nothing too aggressive happened other than needing a Police escort to lead the Monster out of the "pit of biker bodies" onto A1A and toward the Hilton on the beach. No harm done, but some anxious moments as some Monster fans grabbed and pulled the Monster and nearly pulled him down to the pavement.

On another occasion, a biker in Sarasota, Fl. who had had a few adult beverages, tried to install a hat or beer case box onto the Monster's head uninvited. Fortunately the juvenile biker/drunk got reprimanded by a few sober bikers and a quick "back-hand" from the "Yellow Guy". The Monster did a Clark Kent in a nearby alley, counted to ten, got a little new make-up, and a quick shot of his favorite beverage, (green tea) of course, and was on the move again doing his Monster thing, looking for biker fun.

In Sturgis 2008 another drunk lady came up from behind the Monster and did a "sucker punch" on the Monster from behind. She stunned the Yellow guy for a moment, but we are happy to announce the "big lug" takes a pretty good punch and shook it off before the high speed pursuit began. The Motorcycle Monster did play some football back in the day and can take a pretty good shot before he runs his four second, 40 in pursuit of the perpetrator.

Question :  Is there any biker event that the Monster will not attend?

bike rally questionsAnswer : The Monster usually doesn't do night time gigs where liquor is flowing. Typically, the security problems that the Monster has encountered have always been where folks who are drinking heavily. Usually you won't see the Monster in a Bar or club, especially at night. When folks begin drinking too much, the Monster sometimes becomes a target. "After dark" events with drinking always call for added security for the Monster. Typically at least one plain clothes security guard is nearby watching the back of the Monster. At concerts or club gigs, at least two security guards tag along. We don't want that pretty face to get banged up.

Question :  Where did he get all those gadgets on the
Monster Shoulder Pads?

poker run questionsAnswer : Most of the Monster gear came from his garage and collection of Motorcycle stuff that every riders accumulates over the years. Today, the Monster has several sets of those pads, pants, and shoes, and the parts are purchased from local shops and event vendors. Because the Monster is supersticious, these outfits are pretty much indentical. The largest problem is that parts of the costume gradually "walk off" from the monsters encounters. Most of the parts that "come up missing" are from the back of the costume, and vanish when some "loving fan" wants a piece of the Monster to take home. If you see any Monster parts on your friends rec. room wall, call the Monster toll free at 1 800-Kick-Ass, and you will receive a free personal appearance. He'll be the Yellow guy with fire in his eyes and the Louisville Slugger in his hand.

Question :  Do they pay the Monster, and how much, to do this?

bike night questionsAnswer : The Motorcycle Monster is a paid entertainer and does receive appearance fees for his dates. Depending on the number of days, distance traveled, work schedule, and duties, the fee is never exactly the same. Usually the Monster is hired to work a store, an event booth, or convention to bring customers in, greet them, shake a hand and have some biker fun. Sometimes the Monster is used as a MC, a bike show judge, a tattoo judge, or even to introduce other acts at concerts or shows. Recently the Monster along with other builders and personalities did a panel discussion where enthusiasts ask questions of the celebrities. Most of the attendees at motorcycle shows just want a photo opportunity and a few minutes to speak with the Monster. The Monster also offers free "baby sitting" for ladies between 18 and 88. If you ask him directly, the Monster will probably tell you that he gets paid "much more than I'm worth". Because of his popularity, the Monster was booked for over thirty dates this past year and shows no sign of slowing up.