Do Biketoberfest Like a Pro

With Biketoberfest right around the corner, we decided to do a follow-up to an article that received lots of praise several years back for the headache it saved rookies and veterans alike.

In the spirit of fun, because that’s what these events are supposed to be, I’ll point out some helpful tips on how to avoid traffic, activities for the family (G-Rated), the best restaurants, good hotels, and some of the events that will be happening around Daytona.

Avoiding Traffic

The first thing to remember when riding around Daytona during this event would be to travel East to West when possible. For whatever reason, traffic patterns here always seem to slow when heading toward the beach rather than away from it. Planning your route ahead of time can save the misery of cooking yourself with an air cooled engine and make arriving at the destination much more pleasurable.

A few travel rules to keep in mind:

  • International Speedway BLVD is bad. It’s always congested and you should opt for the alternate route your GPS suggests (namely LPGA Blvd or HWY 92 to U.S. 1).
  • Always enter Main Street from the ocean side. You’ll get to the heart of the activities in a fraction of the time.
  • Avoid A1A if at all possible. Halifax Ave runs North and South parallel to A1A on the beach side. You may see some “local traffic only” signs posted here, so be considerate of the residents and keep the pipes quiet (most police will be too busy with everyone else to bother with a few people trying to avoid the traffic jam).
  • U.S. 1 is a safe bet. Nova Road and Clyde Morris Blvd are alternative North/South routes that will have less tourist traffic if things get backed up on 1.

Family Time With The Kids

Generally speaking, daytime hours on Main Street or Beach Street are G-Rated. Almost everywhere changes after dark into an alcohol fueled party environment, which is to be expected of any bike rally. Keeping this in mind, plan the family activities for the daylight hours and enjoy the array of putt-putt, go-kart, and seasonal Halloween events in the area.

Good Restaurants

For “stand-up” type dining, the Iron Horse Saloon on Ridgewood Ave. is a favorite. Just remember to park at the quickie mart next door and NOT under the decks… You’ll have beer all over your bike when you get ready to leave.

For great Bar-B-Que in Daytona, Hog Heaven beside the Ocean Center on A1A is a worthwhile stop. Great service, decent wait times, and good sweet tea. If you like bbq, this is one of the spots you’ll want to hit.

Seafood (because that’s what going to the beach usually involves) is going to depend on the price range and atmosphere desired. Check out some of the seafood places around the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse for a relaxing dining destination.

Good Hotels, Good Prices

Prices change quite a bit during these motorcycle events in Daytona. It’s always more affordable toward the Ormond Beach area or back toward 95. I guess the real question to ask is what sort of drive do you want to make each day to participate in the activities… Keeping in mind that the further you are from the heart of Daytona, the more likely you are to actually get some sleep. A list of some affordable options with several reviews can be found here.

Things Not To Miss

Okay, so we took care of how to get around? Check. What to do with the kids? Check. Where to eat and stay? Check and check. What are we forgetting? Oh yeah, the whole reason we’re talking about this in the first place… Biketoberfest, duh! Seriously, though… With so much happening it’s easy to get lost and find yourself wandering aimlessly throughout a sea of custom bikes, builder events, concerts, races, and parties that you miss something you were looking for entirely. Check out our listings of Biketoberfest events to get an idea of when you should be where to get the most out of the trip.