Indian Motorcycle Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis

Friday, November 4th, 2016

July 13th, 2015

Indian Motorcycle, America’s first motorcycle company, today announced its sponsorship of the “Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis.” The ride, intended to raise support for severely wounded and injured veterans, will offer a group of former military service members the opportunity to ride to Sturgis, SD just in time for the rally’s 75th anniversary.

Indian Motorcycle recently announced a partnership with the USO, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing programs and live entertainment to the U.S. troops and their families worldwide, and today is expanding its commitment to those who served. In addition to sponsoring the ride, Indian Motorcycle is providing the service members with bikes to ride to Sturgis. Several of the Indian models have been outfitted with sidecars specially built and provided by Champion Sidecars to accommodate the riders who are unable to operate a motorcycle themselves due to multiple traumatic amputations.

“In the same way we are inspired by the courageous and selfless commitment these men and women made defending our country, we are honored to help each of them achieve their dream of riding to Sturgis on an Indian Motorcycle,” said Scott Meek, marketing director for Indian Motorcycle.

More than a dozen veterans, from various military branches and of varying ages, will start their weeklong journey to Sturgis from Los Angeles.  The trip will be filled with exciting locations and routes on their epic journey to the Black Hills Rally in Sturgis.

The group will spend six days riding spectacular scenic backroads and exploring some of America’s greatest national treasures including Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Capital Reef National Park, The Arches and Moab, Utah. From Utah the group will continue their journey through the Colorado National Monument, Hahn’s Peak Colorado and Medicine Bow National Forest in Wyoming, arriving in Sturgis on Sunday, August 2.

At the rally, they will enjoy the ultimate Sturgis experience. America’s First Motorcycle Company takes special pride in its long-standing relationship with the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which was started by Indian Motorcycle dealer “Pappy” Hoel in 1938. The riders will be treated to several activities sponsored by Indian and its partners, including participation in the Buffalo Chip’s “Freedom Ride” on Thursday, August 6 along with 600 fellow veterans.

Indian Motorcycle has partnered with Emmy award-winning Director Robert Manciero and his production company, Full Vision Productions, to create this adventure and film the entire journey. “We are honored to be putting on this event and campaign in support of Indian Motorcycle and the service members who have given so much for our country. We have created a fantastic, weeklong ride with activities and excursions planned along the route in addition to chef-prepared special meals and visits with other veterans and organizations,” said Manciero.

“Attending the Sturgis Bike Rally has been on my bucket list for many years, but riding to the 75th anniversary with my fellow veterans on an motorcycle is a dream come true,” said Los Angeles-based Jorge Hernandez, a veteran Marine with 12 years of service, two Purple Hearts and four deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Full Vision Productions has created a unique, interactive media platform to chronicle the epic ride. It will enable fellow veterans, motorcycle enthusiasts and other supporters to follow the riders and campaign in real-time, interacting with them via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and watching daily videos of their journey. Riders who are on their way to Sturgis for the rally will find the itinerary for each day posted on the site should they wish to join the ride and support the riders on their once-in-a-lifetime journey. For more details about the campaign, videos and specifics of the route and excursions visit the Veterans Charity Ride official website at

What’s Billy Lane Up To These Days?

Friday, November 4th, 2016

After his release in September of 2014, Billy has been posting frequently to social media and made an appearance at the most recent Sturgis along with some of the riders for his latest endeavor, Sons of Speed.

What is Sons of Speed, you ask? It’s a racing event that draws inspiration from the early twentieth century board track racers. The machines will feature pre-1925 1000cc V-twins and identical hand built racing chassis. The builders will throw their personal touch on the machines by fabricating custom exhausts, fenders, controls, and handlebars.

The inaugural event will be held at the 2016 Daytona Bikeweek for the 75th anniversary in March, and we’re stoked to head to New Smyrna Speedway’s half-mile oval to watch these machines compete.

This single event is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated and publicized events at one of the largest biker rallies in the US. Add to the mix that it is the 75th anniversary for Daytona Bikeweek, the name Billy Lane, the novelty of getting to see a modern twist on board track racing, and you’ve got an event that is sure to draw a crowd.

American Chopper is back as Paul Teutul Sr, and Pilgrim Productions Announce New Orange County Chopper’s TV show slated for 2013

Friday, November 4th, 2016

American Chopper is back as Paul Teutul Sr, and Pilgrim Productions Announce New Orange County Chopper’s TV show slated for 2013

Paul Teutul Sr and Craig Piligian struck TV and Motorcycle Gold 10 years ago with American Chopper and now after years of drama, on and off the camera, this original team of “Mad Motorcycle Builder”, and “Savy TV Producer” try to hit the motherload yet one more time.
Announcing a partnership with CMT, production is scheduled for this summer. Sources inside are mum about exact dates but Pilgrim Productions is currently asking for resumes for a “right hand man” for Paul Sr. for the new show. Teaser videos on the Pilgrim site seem to be dated and from the old show and no promos are out other than a news release earilier this summer.

According to news releases Paul Sr., Pilgrim Productions and CMT have contracted for eight, 1 hour long episodes.

A review of the major players of past American Chopper seasons would lead you to believe that neither Paul Jr., Mikey, Vinnie DiMartino, or Rick Petko are involved. We checked several sources and no one is talking. Paul Jr. does admit to having several deals in the works but nothing to announce yet.

Paul Jr has continued to do shows and seems to still have some drawing power and looks like he is making some appearances at some major shows. Mikey is doing some smaller venues and still is showing art and traveling a bit. Vinnie DiMartino, with the help of Cody, is running his own shop working on cars, customizing, and also doing some bike work. Rick is back in Stroudsburg, Pa running his own shop RPD and Co.

It looks like Pilgrim is looking for yet another personality to mix with Paul Sr’s abrasive bad attitude and make some new TV magic. Stay tuned.


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Sunday, September 25th, 2016

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Sunday, September 25th, 2016

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