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For those that are interested in advertising on the Motorcycle Monster we offer a great package with ads that appear throughout the Monster.


You can post an event on the Motorcycle Events Calendar by submitting your information to our Motorcycle Event Submission Form.

Add an Event

Provide as much information as possible! The more information you provide the more interested people are! The Monster finds many events on it’s own. Most likely we already have the event so check before you post.

If your event is cancelled it is in best practice to tell the Monster! We’ll be happy to remove your event in case of a cancellation.


If you wish to exchange links with the Monster visit our Banner Page to get an image and submit a link of your Directy. After review, the Monster will add your link to the approriate category on our Link Directory.

Photo Submission

It’s easy to get your Motorcycle Event Photos on the Motorcycle Monster. All you have to do is e-mail us at and we’ll upload your photo as soon as possible. Please note they must be Google friendly to get published!


To report an Event error on the Monster, E-mail us with the error along with a link to the page you found it on.