OCC is Back?! Well, Sort of.

Those eager to watch some fresh episodes of the Teutul’s building motorcycles will have something to rejoice about come February 20. A&E will premiere the “Orange County Choppers: American Made” series at 4 pm ET which brings Paul Sr., Mikey, and the OCC gang back with a new friend… Rusty Coones from “Sons of Anarchy.”

The series is promising to provide an “intimate glimpse into the adrenaline fueled lifestyle” of Paul Sr. and Rusty. I’m not sure what they’re up to but I’m skeptical about the notion that Paul Sr. has been spending his time outside of his legal battles in any activities that could be described as “adrenaline fueled.”

OCC American Made Shoot - Paul Teutul

It’s not clear if it originally was to be called “OCC: American Xtreme” as it is branded as such on the OCC official youtube video or if several sources have simply gotten it wrong in reporting the name. A&E as well as the official facebook page for the series both list it as “American Made”, so we’ll go with that.

It was originally slated to be released in late August of 2015, but was pushed back to February 20 of 2016 for unknown reasons.

I suppose the real question is why the name change so early in shooting and the eventual reschedule (according to many sources) of the show to February. A&E’s updated press release has the latest information. Let’s hope they can pull it together and keep us entertained with some more wild bike builds and the signature Teutul antics that these projects invariably spawn.