What’s Billy Lane Up To These Days?

After his release in September of 2014, Billy has been posting frequently to social media and made an appearance at the most recent Sturgis along with some of the riders for his latest endeavor, Sons of Speed.

What is Sons of Speed, you ask? It’s a racing event that draws inspiration from the early twentieth century board track racers. The machines will feature pre-1925 1000cc V-twins and identical hand built racing chassis. The builders will throw their personal touch on the machines by fabricating custom exhausts, fenders, controls, and handlebars.

The inaugural event will be held at the 2016 Daytona Bikeweek for the 75th anniversary in March, and we’re stoked to head to New Smyrna Speedway’s half-mile oval to watch these machines compete.

This single event is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated and publicized events at one of the largest biker rallies in the US. Add to the mix that it is the 75th anniversary for Daytona Bikeweek, the name Billy Lane, the novelty of getting to see a modern twist on board track racing, and you’ve got an event that is sure to draw a crowd.